Family Style at Building Hope In The City

Family Style at Building Hope In The City

On March 25, 2017, a team from St. Mark boarded the church bus, “Prayer Force One” and headed to Building Hope In The City (BHIC), the urban outreach of Trinity Lutheran Church on the near west side of Cleveland.

This month’s fare was lasagna, green beans, rolls and HOME MADE cookies. Made by members of the St. Mark congregation.

We usually serve cafeteria style where people line up and are handed a tray of food. At the suggestion of Brian Upton, Executive Director of BHIC, we served “family style” where we set table places at each table and served the food to each table, family style. It was awesome, the atmosphere was much more personal. The team felt more like they were serving those in need and the men, women and children sharing the meal felt closer to the team as well.

One of the men enjoying the dinner told one of the St. Mark team members, “This really makes me feel special,”  The team members response “You are special.”



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