Katie the Owl Visits St. Mark Preschool

Tim Cunnigham, Wildlife Ed Specialist from the Lake County Metro Parks, Penitentiary Glen visited St. Mark Preschool on Wednesday April 25, 2018. Tim brought  special guest, Katie the owl, Katie had received medical attention for some muscle problems at Lake Metro Parks and now visits schools and other venues to aquatint people with her background and opportunities available  for nature education at the Lake Metro Park, Penitentiary Glen.

St. Mark – Chesterland Independence Day Parade

The largest group ever, participated in the 2017 Chesterland Independence Day Parade . Led by our Praise Team, the St. Mark Float again featured live music. The eclectic group of Pastors, Youth Leaders, Youth Group members, and  Senior Citizens from St. Mark tossed flying discs to the crowd as well as passing out “We are Family” stickers and bookmarks highlighting the new family ministry at St. Mark. Special thank to Onderdonk Sons roofing for the use of their flatbed trailer

A Fun Day at St. Mark Christian Preschool

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to spend most of the day photographing the activities at St. Mark Christian Preschool. The activity was fast paced. Observing  creative drawing and coloring,  meeting Pastor Matske and Frederick the fish in Chapel, watching the free spirits of the children as they waved pink chiffon material in the air to music, to playing on tricycles, listening to Mrs. Burke read about Smelly Bear to marching to music and finally a restful healthy snack. Wow what…

Look who showed up at Preschool Chapel Today

Frederick the Fish was today's @Stmarkchester preschool chapel buddy. He prefers water…where are you most at home? — Mark Matzke (@ReverendMatzke) April 13, 2016

From Pastor Matzke on twitter

Gizmo just made his @Stmarkchester Preschool Chapel debut. He loves his new friends! 🤖 ❤️ ✝ — Mark Matzke (@ReverendMatzke) January 27, 2016

Pastor Matzke on twitter

Is there a better way to begin a Wednesday than reading to @Stmarkchester preschoolers? No, there isn't. — Mark Matzke (@ReverendMatzke) January 20, 2016