Well Done Ken Welsh and Sue Brill

Well Done Ken Welsh and Sue Brill

This summer marked 2 significant milestones at St. Mark. Pastor Ken Welsh, Associate Pastor and Treasurer Sue Brill retired from their respective positions at St. Mark. Both members of St. Mark for over 50 years, Pastor Ken and Sue have and will continue to joyfully serve at St. Mark. Both Pastor Ken and Sue were honored at 2 separate events both during a Sunday service and at a banquet in Fellowship Hall following the church services. Family, friends, relatives and fellow church members at St. Mark showed their gratitude for Pastor Ken and Sue through speeches and special gifts.

Pastor Ken and Sue will continue their significant contributions to the sharing of the GOOD NEWS at St. Mark. Even though they are moving on from their long-time positions they are still active on a daily basis at St. Mark. Keep an eye out for Sue singing in the choir or helping serve in the church kitchen. Pastor Ken will relentlessly continue to bring the Good News to prospective new members through his “Life With God” class.


Thanks to Donna and Bruce Robinson for the great pictures

Pastor Ken’s Special Day

Sue Brill’s Special Day


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