St. Mark serves at Building Hope in The City

St. Mark serves at Building Hope in The City

On April 30,2106 a group of adults and youth boarded the St. Mark bus, soon to be know as Prayerforce  One,  and headed to downtown Cleveland to Building Hope In the City, an outreach to the community by Trinity Lutheran Church.

St. Mark members cooked home made meatloaf and brought the meatloaves to the church. In addition to the meatloaves, St. Mark members donated clothing  for the Building Hope in the city clothing store and canned goods for their outreach pantry. All this was loaded into the bus !

The dinner was enjoyed my those in need.  St. Mark members also had the opportunity to sit and share conversations with those being served, a great opportunity to communicate the love of Christ in words as well as actions.

Please keep the St. Mark ministry to Building Hope in the City in your prayers.



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