Serving Those In Need

Serving Those In Need

Once a month the members at St. Mark board “Prayer Force One” the church bus and head to Trinity Lutheran, Ohio City, with clothes for their clothing ministry, canned goods and staples for their food pantry and a meal served in the Trinity Lutheran Social Hall. This months fare was Lasagna, salad, garlic bread, and cookies for dessert.

The St. Mark members have the opportunity to sit and talk with the people they serve. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we have the opportunity to share the love of Our Savior Jesus Christ .

This month we had a number of conversations, one that was special was  with a new person at the meal who we will call George, (not his real name). George was homeless, he had his ID stolen and he couldn’t get a place to live without an ID. Being homeless was ok with him, he is working on getting and ID. He was a graduate of a Catholic High school and had alcohol problems in his past.  In normal conversation the subject of belief in Jesus came up. He pointed to his worn backpack which contained his Bible. We told him we would pray for him. He said he was grateful for the meal, he hadn’t had one in a while, and said he hoped to see us next month.





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