Lutherans In The World

Lutherans In The World

On January 9, 2023, St. Mark hosted its second session entitled “Lutherans in the World.”

This session was about a biblical approach to the Critical Race Theory. The session, led by St. Mark Senior Pastor, Mark Matzke started out with this quote from Rev. Dr. Lucas V Woodward, President of the Minnesota South District, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, “The way forward is with Christ at the center. This means the forgiveness of sins, He won upon the cross, along with the whole truth of God’s Word, including the love of our neighbor and the defense of our neighbor, must lead us forward.”

Terms were defined and discussed among the group, as well as bible verses that can be applied to our understanding of what Critical Race Theory is.

This subject is extremely important in today’s world. Pastor Matzke noted that one session is not enough to have a thorough discussion on CRT.

Our hope is to raise biblical awareness on topics that are in the news. The sessions meet once per month on the second Sunday of the month at 6 pm and last about an hour and one half.


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