Sunday School

Preschool through 12th grade

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Each week that your child attends Sunday School he/she will receive a coin.  The teachers will probably hold on to them for your K-3 grade child so that they don’t get lost or left at home.  If your child brings a friend, they both will receive two coins. There will also be opportunities each week for your child to earn another coin.  
What do they do with all this new-found wealth? Spend it, of course!  On the second Sunday of each month we’ll open the St. Mark Store to all of the children. We’ll have items that can be purchased with these coins (with prices ranging from 1 – 30 coins).


We have a new format for each week:  All children will start downstairs like they normally do. After a time of worship we’ll split them into two groups for lessons and (occasional) crafts: K-3 and 4-6.  Towards the end of the hour they will all gather again, but this time in the Fellowship Hall for a skit, message, or other group activity to help them remember and apply what they just learned.


We are planning two serving events. The first will be all of October and will be the collection of items for Haiti. We’ll pit K-6 up against the Junior and Senior High group and the winning group will be rewarded.  Stay tuned for more information on this and the second event in early 2019.
Family Movie Night:
What could be more fun than pizza, games, and a movie in March? My birthday, sure, but that’s beside the point. We are planning a family movie and activity night. This is open to all families and you are encouraged to bring guests and families that might not have a church home (or do and just want a bite of pizza!).  Details will follow early next year.

4th of July Parade:

Each year St. Mark participates in the 4th of July parade in Chesterland.  For the past couple of years the Youth Group has joined in this activity and in 2019 we’d like to encourage the K-6 students (and their friends) to do the same. We’ll motivate them by letting them pass out candy and we’ll probably also promise them food and maybe even a party afterwards. Again, more details to come next Spring.

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