Check out the audio  from selected Bible Studies at St. Mark

“Hymns of the Faith”

first session 10/25/2016

second session 11/1/2016

“Joyful Christianity”

first session 9/13/2016

second session 9/20/2016

third session 9/27/2016

fourth session 10/04/2016

final session 10/11/2016


A Walk Through The Parables

intro to the parables

the prodigal

the banquet


The Sower

The Rich Fool  (Bible Study Lead by Rev. Gerald Matzke)

Lost Coin, Lost Sheep

Pastor Matzke on KFUO radio August 26, 2016 “The Daily Lectionary”  –  Corinthians 4:1-18.

“Questions Jesus Asked”    

Click below to here the second session recorded on June 14, 2016

Click below to here the third session recorded on June 21, 2016

Click below to here the fourth session recorded on June 28, 2016